The Problem…

The problem wasn’t finding you,
the problem is forgetting you.
The problem isn’t your absence,
the problem is that I’m waiting for you.

The problem isn’t the problem,
the problem is that it hurts me.
The problem isn’t that you lie,
the problem is that I believe you.

The problem isn’t changing you,
The problem is that I don’t want to.
If I liked you for being free,
who am I to change that.

So how to push you away when you’re so far?
If I was left loving you,
how can I force you to come back.

The problem isn’t loving you,
It’s that you don’t feel the same.


2 Responses to The Problem…

  1. SC69 says:

    Hey .. I think we’ve all been there to a degree, hope you find that the sadness of your breakup gives way to the promise of new love and excitement soon..

  2. he’s such a jeerkk for leaving someone so uniquely special and gorgeous like you… I really would like to meet you… i would even go to California just to find you 🙂

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